Zorgverzekering en vergoedingen

De vergoedingen voor behandeling bij Psychotherapy & Movement zijn op 3 manieren mogelijk. U zult uiteraard geen verschil ervaren in de wijze van behandeling afhankelijk van de manier waarop de vergoeding verloopt.

Bron infographic: https://www.zorgwijzer.nl/faq/welke-zorgverzekeraars-zijn-er

Overzicht zorgverzekeraars nederland

Option 1: Reimbursement through the health insurance company which has signed a contract with Psychotherapy & Movement

Our practice has what are known as ‘Own Contracts’ with all Dutch health insurance companies except CZ (and its affiliated insurance companies Delta Lloyd, OHRA, Lancyr) & Menzis (and its affiliated insurance companies Anderzorg, Hema, and PMA).
If you are insured with CZ, you may only register using option 2. Clients who are insured with Menzis may register using option 2 or 3.

Psychotherapy is reimbursed in full for those with basic health insurance, but please take into account the statutory ‘own risk’ (this is the amount you have to pay yourself before the insurance company covers the medical costs). You can apply by sending an email to info@psychotherapymovement.nl stating the reason for application and attaching the referral letter for specialised or basic healthcare. Do make sure that your referral letter meets the legal requirements. Please see our website for further information on requirements for the referral letter.

Option 2: Reimbursement through health insurance companies with a 1nP contract

1nP is a national foundation of 600 healthcare professionals working in mental healthcare.

The 1nP foundation has contracts with all Dutch health insurance companies.Psychotherapy is reimbursed in full for those with basic health insurance, but please take into account the statutory ‘own risk’ of EUR 385.

If you wish to apply using this option, please first send an email to luciano@psychotherapymovement.nl stating the reason for your application. We will then provide you with the application instructions that best suit your situation.
If you receive instructions from us to apply through the 1nP foundation, please follow the steps below.

You can apply through 1nP using the following steps:

  1. Go to www.1np.nl (in Dutch only)
  2. Click on 'vind een behandelaar'
  3. Search by name / postcode of the professional – Choose 'BGGZ' or 'SGGZ' and type in 'de Jong' or ‘van Hemert’ and '1018EV'
  4. Click on Mw. de Jong, Paula (treatment coordinator) or Mw. van Hemert (treatment coordinator)
  5. Click on 'inschrijven'
  6. Enter details
  7. You will receive an email containing a link through which you must change your password (please use the link immediately)
  8. You can then continue with your application in an extra secure environment
  9. Through 1nP you can then fill in the application form and attach the referral letter

Important: if you have any questions, please first call the 1nP secretary’s office on +31 (0)900-5553000 (or you can contact us).

Option 3: If you have a non-contracted care policy with Menzis

Do you have a non-contracted care policy with this health insurance company? If so, you are free to use a therapist and hospital of your choice.

In the Netherlands, you are free to choose which therapist you use. Psychotherapy & Movement considers it important that you are able to build a good relationship with the therapist of your choice, at a location of your choice, given that this usually results in more effective treatment and quicker recovery. If you agree with us that this type of freedom of choice is highly important, we would strongly advise you to take a non-contracted care policy.

If you take out a contracted care policy, you run a high risk of not getting the therapist of your choice; we would therefore advise you against taking a contracted care policy if you are interested in smaller, more specialised practices such as Psychotherapy & Movement.

With a non-contracted care policy, you can opt to have specialised treatment for your psychological problems in the small, trusted setting of Psychotherapy & Movement. You can then submit the invoice for treatment to the health insurance company yourself.

Psychotherapy & Movement works for Menzis on a non-contract basis:
At Psychotherapy & Movement, we work partly on a non-contract basis, as with health insurance company Menzis, for example. This means the bill is sent directly to the client, who can subsequently submit the bill to the insurance company themselves. Some types of policy require you to pay part of the amount yourself in a non-contract situation. This means you will receive a reimbursement of 70 to 80% with a contracted care policy, and the full amount with non-contracted care policy. Please take into account an ‘own risk’ (in Dutch: eigen risico) of EUR 385. The advantage of working on a non-contract basis is a better guarantee of client privacy and reduced interference from the health insurance company. As therapists, we are less bound by the prior conditions set by the health insurance companies, such as the length of treatment and what the treatment involves. Furthermore, we as therapists do not have to take into account a ‘maximum budget’ set by the health insurance company and therefore do not have to refer clients elsewhere as a result. This also reduces the amount of paperwork we have, theoretically making more time available for the treatment itself. One disadvantage is that bills are not processed automatically without a contract. This means that the client themself has to subsequently submit the bill directly to the health insurance company, making things a little more complicated for both the client and the therapist.

Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DTC)

As soon as you come to Psychotherapy & Movement for treatment, we open what is known as a Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DTC). All the time you spend in treatment, both directly and indirectly, is registered in the DTC.

A DTC may remain open for a maximum of 365 days (one year). If your treatment is not complete once that year has elapsed, a new DTC will be opened in mutual consultation with you.

Direct and indirect time? 

Once your DTC has been closed, Psychotherapy & Movement will send an invoice to your health insurance company. The price includes all the costs related directly or indirectly to the healthcare provided.

  • Direct time
    This involves the time spent directly with your practitioner. This may include face-to-face consultations, but also phone calls, email contact or e-health contact.
  • Indirect time 
    This is the time spent on your treatment ‘behind the scenes’. This can include preparation/maintenance of your file, registration and reporting, drawing up your treatment plan, processing your intake, and multidisciplinary meetings with colleagues.

Reimbursement of basic insurance

You will require a referral letter from your general practitioner in order to be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance company.

As of 2017, health insurance companies demand the following requirements for referral letters:

  • The referral letter must include the following specifications: basic or specialised mental healthcare
  • The referral must contain a minimum of the following information:
  • Date of issue;
  • Description of existing or suspected psychological disorder 
  • Referring practitioner’s name and place of residence;
  • Signature and/or stamp or electronic signature 
  • The referring practitioner’s AGB code (data management register code used by health care providers in the Netherlands) 
  • Name, address, date of birth and registration number of the insured client