Intake Procedure

If you send a request to register with Psychotherapy & Movement, you will receive a registration form which includes an intake questionnaire. The registration form is for your personal details. The intake questionnaire contains questions about the reason for your registration and any previous treatments you may have had, and questions about your current and past personal circumstances.

You will subsequently be invited for an intake session during which we will make acquaintance with each other, explain how the practice works, and make an initial assessment of your psychological problems. During the intake we also determine which, if any, psychodiagnostic tests are to be carried out.

The intake is followed by 1 or 2 appointments for the psychodiagnostic test in which, using diagnostic interviews and questionnaires that you fill in, we determine how the psychological problem can best be classified. This information is then incorporated into a report, and we can determine the most suitable treatment for you. The following appointment is a consultation in which the treatment advice is discussed with the client, while taking into account the client’s specific wishes. If the client agrees to the advised treatment, a treatment plan will be drawn up in consultation with the client which states clear treatment objectives.

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