Do you feel stuck in a rut at work, and do you wonder whether you are in the right job? Do you wonder who you are and what makes you happy? Are you searching for answers regarding difficulties in your life, and would you like to have a better work-life balance? If you are looking for a coach who can hold a mirror to you and confront you with your thoughts, behaviour and feelings, coaching may offer a solution. Coaching helps you to change your behaviour and teaches you how to analyse your own experiences and reactions.

Coaching is a process whereby you work specifically towards your objectives and gain better insight into yourself.

Coaching P&M


A minimum of 5 sessions are needed to achieve a good overview of, and to work effectively on, the problems for which you require coaching.

Psychotherapy & Movement charges the following fees:

  • Coaching: 5 sessions EUR 700
  • Coaching: 10 sessions EUR 1250