Stichting 1nP is a national foundation of almost 600 independent professionals working in mental healthcare. The therapists at Psychotherapy & Movement are affiliated with Stichting 1nP.

Psychotherapy & Movement joined 1nP because it facilitates peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration. We also stand by its careful assessment of diagnoses, and, as a practice with limited contract work, membership enables us to treat a larger number of clients.

We treat both clients that register through 1nP and those who register with Psychotherapy & Movement directly. Once you have sent us an email together with a letter of referral and a registration request, we will reply with an email containing instructions on how to register.

For further information about 1nP, please go to www.1np.nl.

You can apply through 1nP as follows:

  1. Go to www.1np.nl
  2. Click on 'vind een behandelaar'
  3. Search by name / postcode of the professional – Choose 'BGGZ' or 'SGGZ' and type in 'de Jong' and '1018EV'
  4. Choose Mw. de Jong, Paula (lead therapist)
  5. Click on 'inschrijven'
  6. Enter details
  7. You will receive an email containing a link through which you have to change your password (please use the link immediately)
  8. You can then continue with your application in an extra secure environment
  9. Through 1nP you can then fill in the application form and attach the referral letter

Important: if you have any questions, please first call the 1nP secretary’s office on +31 (0)900-5553000 (or contact us).