Louise Hoogerwoord

Louise Hoogerwoord is a Senior Healthcare Psychologist, EMDR practitioner and MfN  Mediator.

After finishing her study Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University, she started working for the Ministry of Public Health in Surinam, in the local Mental Health Hospital and the University Hospital of Paramaribo. Here she had the opportunity to work with all different cultural groups, the Creole, Hindustani, Indian and Caucasian population (with all related languages). In the university hospital she was asked to set up a psychology department for hospital and polyclinical patients.

She worked parttime for the Lobi Foundation with focus on Psycho education and therapy focused on love relationships and sexology.

After 6 years she made a career switch, studied MBA, Erasmus Rotterdam, and was recruited by the KLM Head office to work in the Marketing Strategy Department. In the context of her Careerplan she later became Country Manager of KLM in Costa Rica for several years.

In 1995 she moved to Curacao, where she founded her own company Relief Consults, combining above-described experiences. Returning to her main passion Psychology and Mediation. Relief also became known for coaching, training, peer mediation, management level recruitment and development-assessments for companies and other organizations. Though the main activities were practiced in Curacao, she worked parttime on Bonaire and Relief offered services to all other islands of the former Dutch Antilles.

Louise returned to the Netherlands in 2019 and continued before mentioned activities under the same name.

Separate from her own business, Louise parttime joined ‘Psychotherapy & Movement’  in 2022, a modern, nice, dynamic organization, located in a beautiful building, where she was asked to guide 3 psychologists with their Health Care Psychology degree.

Her present special focus is on individual adults and couples (Not only Dutch but also English, Spanish and Papiamentu speaking clients) with affinity to the treatment of a wide variety of life problems and disorders, like Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Dysfunctional relationships within couples and/or families.

After many years of experience within Mental Health Care and Business surroundings Louise’s style of working became more and more eclectically and internationally based meaning that she works as holistic and customized as possible with a variety of techniques from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR, ACT, System and Communication  Theories, Mediation etc