Joeri Zoon

Joeri was born and raised in Amsterdam. He studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam, after which he specialized in Psychiatry at GGNet, Amsterdam UMC and GGZ Ingeest. He was most attracted to the medical specialty Psychiatry because of his fascination with how a unique coherence of factors determines how a person thinks and behaves and how treatments such as psychotherapy and medication can restore the balance in the human psyche.

Clients describe Joeri as a committed and knowledgeable practitioner, who listens carefully and also provides a lot of insight and explanation. Together with the client, he evaluates the cause of their psychological complaints and together with them he makes a decision on which treatment is the most appropriate. Using his psychiatric background, he pays attention to the interaction between psychological, physical and social factors. Joeri is trained in the application of various therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and system therapy. He is also experienced in the careful assessment, advice and prescription of medication for psychological disorders.  

In his spare time Joeri likes to do sports, play the guitar and read. He is also a co-founder of the company "The Balanced Office", where he focuses on the prevention of burn-out and improving the psychological and physical well-being of employees at corporate companies. Joeri currently works full-time in the psychiatric hospital; from March 2021 he will combine this work with work at Psychotherapy & Movement and his own company.

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