Iris Timmerman

Iris Timmerman, MSc (1989) is an trainee cognitive behavioral therapist VGCt® and will start training to become a general healthcare psychologist in autumn 2020 with Psychotherapy & Movement. Iris studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 2014. After her studies she started working with people with severe mental illnesses within a FACT team from Mentrum. Here she learned how important it is to include a client’s system in the treatment. After her work for Mentrum, Iris has worked at Jellinek, a well-known addiction institute, for the past 5½ years in Amsterdam and Hilversum. Here she treated adults and adolescents with a substance use, gambling or gaming disorder with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). In addition to substance use, she has also treated co-morbid problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Iris considers it important to continue to develop both professionally and personally. Therefor she is really looking forward to her training to become a general healthcare psychologist within Psychotherapy & Movement.

It is important for Iris to build a strong therapeutic alliance with a client. She does this, among other things, by indicating when a client touches her and using personal examples when it seems useful. She is always interested in the person behind the problems. In addition, she finds it important to be steadfast yet flexible as a psychologist. Respect and empathy are important for Iris, but ultimately it is about a client achieving his/her treatment goal to improve his/her quality of life.

Besides her work Iris loves to be outside in nature. She grew up on Texel, on of Hollands five islands, and nature gives her peace of mind by clearing her head. In addition to nature, Iris also likes to be around her friends and family, having good conversations and fun.

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