Supervision & Learning Therapy

Supervision and/or learning therapy are part of the training requirements for those training to become Cognitive Behavioural Therapists®, Schema Therapists, Healthcare Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Psychotherapy & Movement offers supervision or learning therapy.

As a registered supervisor, Paula de Jong is affiliated with the VGCt, the Dutch Register for Schema Therapists, the NVP (Dutch Association of Psychotherapy) and the NtVP (Dutch society for psychotrauma). She provides trainee healthcare psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists with supervision or learning therapy as part of their training. If you have any questions, please send an email to:

Paula de Jong’s colleague Mellony van Hemert also offers supervision and/or learning therapy at P&M. Mellony is affiliated with the VGCT and the NtVP (Dutch society for psychotrauma) as a supervisor.

The supervision guidelines pertaining to the VGCT training programme are available at: