How does Psychotherapy & Movement handle your personal information?

As part of your treatment, we record your personal data in an Electronic Patient Dossier, or EPD. This data is stored in accordance with the applicable legislation, which includes the new Dutch data protection law (the AVG), which came into force on 25 May 2018.

The practitioners at Psychotherapy & Movement have an obligation of confidentiality and guarantee optimum security of your personal data, such as the information gathered from your intake and diagnostic procedure.

The Dutch Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO) obliges practitioners to store your records for 15 years. Psychotherapy & Movement only stores information gathered from intakes, diagnostic procedures, session reports, email exchanges and letters to the referring and/or general practitioner.

Exchange of data

On completion of your treatment, or upon closure of your medical file, an invoice will be sent to your health insurance company containing the personal data required in order for your treatment costs to be paid.

  • We are obliged to provide the health insurer with information regarding the relevant primary diagnosis. You may object to this by filling in a privacy statement; your therapist can provide you with this privacy statement.
  • When claiming for clients under the age of 18 (these claims go through the local authority), we use codes that do not provide information on the client’s diagnosis.

For applicants

If you apply to work for Psychotherapy & Movement, you automatically give us permission to store your CV and letter of application. Your data will be deleted immediately if you are not accepted for the position in question. If we want to keep your letter and CV in our database, we will ask you for your permission separately.

For staff of Psychotherapy & Movement

In order to implement a contract of employment, we are required to save and store your personal data.